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Beach Bean! The adventure begins…

One morning while Poppa Bean was sleeping in Momma Bean decided it was time for a trip to the beach.  Before Poppa Bean could even get out of bed, the bags were packed and ready to go.  We grabbed our two sweet boys and strapped them in their carseats for our first coffee fueled adventure!  Bean 1 (3 years) could hardly contain himself, he wanted to bring home every seashell in sight.  Bean 2 (1 year) thought the best way to enjoy the beach was to taste every grain of sand.  It was a mess! Of course how we start each new day is with a stop to the local coffee shop!



Morning View Coffee
2707 S. Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959


Morning View Coffee was hands down one of the best coffee shop experiences ever . The coffee shop art and drink names matched their hometown themes. They had painted Surf and Skateboards on the wall, a grass tiki hut for their coffee bar, with comfy couches to lounge around in. This place was perfect. They had their own cool t-shirt design which came in multiple cuts and bright colors. They even had extremely fast service.  There was only one employee, but she knocked out a whole line in minutes.  Momma Bean had the iced mocha latte with tiramisu, and Poppa Bean had the Morning View original the Nor’easter.  It consists of mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, with chocolate whip.  I must say it was a unique name that fit the beach scene perfectly with a great flavor.  Now….for the rating!

Taste: 5/5 beans

Atmosphere : 5/5 beans

Uniqueness: 5/5 beans

Customer Service: 4/5 beans

Price: 3/5 beans




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