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Your favorite beans are back!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!!

Oh how we’ve missed you so! I won’t get too depressing on ya But I do want to say sorry and explain why we haven’t been blogging. Poppa bean fell ill and has been in and out of the hospital, momma beans had some health issues and bean 1 also now has a diagnosis which I may share more about in the near future. So needless to say we’ve been to busy with Dr’s and appts to blog. But we are all okay, everyone is doing better. Praise God!

Coffee can get ya through anything!

This bean family is still as madly in love as ever with coffee. Bean 2 is also sneaking around stealing sips from our cups, even the baby bean loves it.

We are very excited to announce that we are in CA!!!!!!!!!!! We are also hitting up Vegas.

So we have some awesome coffee shops to share with you all. Today there is no coffee shop review but just an update that were back. We hope you all have stuck with us and will continue on this journey along with us. Spread the word, the beans are back!!!!!


Beans 1 and 2 took their very first plane ride to get here. They did so good. They loved it!




We visited the world’s largest dinosaurs, in Cabazon, CA. You can climb all the way up to the top of this trex and look out his teeth, very cool.



We met a very talented balloon man who made an Elmo for bean 2 and his first ever balloon dump truck for bean 1. Took him like a half an hour, it even really dumped!



We found the world’s largest frappachino, haha, okay, maybe not but it makes a pretty cool picture.

Coffee shops coming soon…

Bean brigade signing off


Coffee people who care

Lets start with an exciting announcement! We have hit 1000 views!! We are so pleased and proud of that accomplishment. Thank you guys! !! Were so glad to have you along for the journey, glad your enjoying our blog! 
Today we are talking about coffee beanary in the Patrick Henry Mall, Newport News. “Coffee people who care” is what their businesses cards says and in our experience thats true. This location is owned by a sweet couple. You can tell they enjoy what they do and care about their customers. They have many regulars that work at the mall and we have noticed they know them by name, by drink, and even beyond that. The drink selection is great. The drinks are consistantly very good, you can count on that. Momma beans favorite is the iced fudge ripple which is incredible!! Poppa beans favorite is the Irish truffle, so good! The place is small, cozy. They sell a lot of unique cups and mugs. They also sell their own beans and even little samples to try before buying a whole pound which is great. This mall does have a nice, new, kids play area, sorry I dont have pictures. All in all, great coffee shop. Bean score…

Customer service 4/5

Uniqueness 2/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Taste 5/5

Price 3/5






Thanks for stopping by.

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See ya tomorrow bean lovers!!!

Home brew

Today we are doing things a little differently. An inside look if you will. For the days we dont get out to a coffee shop for whatever reason we have got an awesome little set up at our place.


At any given time we always have at least two types of coffee and two types of espresso. We always have variety of creamers, syrups, etc. We even have a few varieties of instant, mostly for guests or camping. We even have decaf for when grandma visits.



Not all are pictured but we have a 4 cup coffee pot, a 12 cup pot, a keruig, a frappichino machine, and our most priced posession, the espresso maker.


Meaning, at any given moment I can make you a frap, a latte, an americano, iced coffee, hot coffee, flavored, plain, decaf, whatever you need or like, we’ve got it. Ive even got a couple varieties of chai tea I add espresso shots too, which is a favorite of these beans.


We’ve even got momma beans prized starbucks cup collection to serve up your coffee in.


So, on your travels if you ever need to stop by for a caffeine fix we are right between Richmond and Williamsburg and we’ve got you covered.

Can we score our own house? Hey, we own this blog, why not?

Customer service 5/5
(and the bartistas are so good lookin)

Uniqueness 4/5

Taste 4/5

Price 5/5

Atmosphere 4/5
(Its always loud but at least we have a playroom)

These lazy, stay at home beans are signing off, see ya tomorrow.

Chugga chugga choo choo coffee

There is something magical about a train table. It draws in kids like a magnet. This coffee shop is one of our favorites near home. It is a unique place themed around the train that runs behind it. It has many cool quirky qualities our family of beans always enjoys.





Ashland tea and coffee

100 N. Railroad. Ave

Ashland, VA

One of the cool things about this place is that they have a listening room where they have live music and a full bar. They have a delicious,  reasonably priced full menu. Their hummus is the best! They have a great little kids area. A take one, leave one book section. Our favorite special thing about this place is their ice cubes are made of black coffee  so that your iced coffee never gets watered down. Okay, this trains about to depart onto the scores…

Price 3/5

Taste 3/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Uniqueness 5/5

Customer service 1/5

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