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Hurricane Bean

It’s not always easy convincing a toddler and a baby to hit up a coffee shop everyday and sometimes twice.  And that’s where good ol’e bribery comes in.  Introducing Bean 1’s “own coffee” as he calls it, the Chunky Monkey.



Front Porch Cafe

2515 S Croatan Hwy  Nags Head, NC 27959

(252) 480-6616

Front Porch Cafe…A local favorite!  It’s always a must stop every time we go to Nags Head, which is known for it’s Pirates and powerful hurricanes.  We love that their coffee is locally grown on the island by Kill Devil Hills Coffee to insure freshness and fair trade.  This coffee shop is unique because it also has a variety of wine and cheeses.  The walls are colorful and full of one of a kind art.  It’s a big open space with a lot of seating including one mini table for children.    It’s always a added bonus that they have soy and almond milk alternatives for no additional charge.  Another important quality our family looks for is special kids drinks.  They offer the chunky monkey which is made of chocolate milk, banana flavor, and topped with whipped cream.  It was one of Bean 1 all time favorites! Momma Bean had a Dublin Latte (Irish Cream w/ Mocha) and Poppa Bean had the advertised “Locals Favorite” the West 3rd (Mocha, Caramel, and Hazelnut).  Now….Lets get down to business!

Uniqueness 4/5

Price 3/5

Customer Service 2/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Taste 3/5

A bit of history before you leave.  Nags Head got its name because Pirates would use Nags (donkeys) with lanterns around the neck to imitate lighthouses in the dark.   Ships would believe this trick and run a ground on the beach.  Thus, allowing the pirates to climb aboard and steal the booty!





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