Bean Brigade!

Traveling the country, one sip at a time…

Your favorite beans are back!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!!

Oh how we’ve missed you so! I won’t get too depressing on ya But I do want to say sorry and explain why we haven’t been blogging. Poppa bean fell ill and has been in and out of the hospital, momma beans had some health issues and bean 1 also now has a diagnosis which I may share more about in the near future. So needless to say we’ve been to busy with Dr’s and appts to blog. But we are all okay, everyone is doing better. Praise God!

Coffee can get ya through anything!

This bean family is still as madly in love as ever with coffee. Bean 2 is also sneaking around stealing sips from our cups, even the baby bean loves it.

We are very excited to announce that we are in CA!!!!!!!!!!! We are also hitting up Vegas.

So we have some awesome coffee shops to share with you all. Today there is no coffee shop review but just an update that were back. We hope you all have stuck with us and will continue on this journey along with us. Spread the word, the beans are back!!!!!


Beans 1 and 2 took their very first plane ride to get here. They did so good. They loved it!




We visited the world’s largest dinosaurs, in Cabazon, CA. You can climb all the way up to the top of this trex and look out his teeth, very cool.



We met a very talented balloon man who made an Elmo for bean 2 and his first ever balloon dump truck for bean 1. Took him like a half an hour, it even really dumped!



We found the world’s largest frappachino, haha, okay, maybe not but it makes a pretty cool picture.

Coffee shops coming soon…

Bean brigade signing off


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