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Who knew??

There is now a coffee shop right on Yorktown Beach! This is one of favorite little spots. Its not to far of a drive and its such a nice drive on the parkway!

Its like the most kid friendly beach in our opinion, not too crowded, not a crazy rowdy bunch either. Also they have it roped off so that you cant go too deep. Just watch for jellyfish!

The Green mountain coffee shop is super good! Its attached to a Ben and Jerrys. They have a wide vareity of every coffee drink you can imagine, even some blended up with ice cream, yum!! There can be a line out the door at times but it is worth the wait. The staff is friendly, quick, and efficient. There is plenty of seating inside and out. It is a fun place, the decor is bright and cheerful, pretty clouds painted on the wall. It is definitely pricey, we must warn you.

Bean score then, the moment you have all been waiting for, beach pictures!!!

Atmosphere 4/5

Price 1/5

Customer service 4/5

Uniqueness 3/5

Taste 4/5





I’m sure you must have noticed by now that my son (bean 1) wears his gloves 24/7, yes, he even sleeps in them. Everyone has their quirks I suppose. It does get a little tricky at places like the beach. Haha!




Bean 2 may need to start wearing gloves, haha. He doesn’t like the feeling of anything on his hands and feet. If he steps on a crumb he runs to me, “Momma, momma” sticks his foot up in the air and trusts that I will remove it immediately. So this made the sand at the beach was interesting for him too. These are the things that will be hilarious when they are all grown up and we think back and cherish even the silliest of memories.





Our family of beans love coffee and love the beach, when you mix the two, its pure paradise!

See ya next time bean enthusiasts!

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