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We have really been on a winning streak lately guys. Every coffee shop we touch turns to gold. Haha! No, but really, we are finding the best places. This is something we are truly passionate about and enjoy so thank you faithful followers and new followers! We are honored that you have choosen to take this journey with us! Momma bean still gets a rush everytime she enters a new coffee shop. Seeking out coffee shops in each and every new town we go to has always been our thing. Blogging about it now just makes it that much better. Anyway, our audience has spoken and we listened, we have been working on adding many more Hampton Roads area coffee shops. You guys are going to love this place!

This coffee shop is so unique in the way its set up. There are different rooms that are seperated by half walls so its still very open and spacious feeling. They thought of everyone when they designed this place. There’s a back screened in porch type of room that has a large variety of games and is perfect for families, kids, babies. The main room has comfy couches and a fireplace, relaxing, good for studying or dates. There’s a room to the side with tables good for larger groups, meetings, etc. The staff is very friendly. The drink selection is outrageously good!  To give you an idea poppa bean had the cinnamon roll latte which literally tasted just like a cinnamon roll. Momma bean couldnt resist the name and description of my drink, the butter crunch, which has almond roca. Ive never even seen this flavor and I was so excited. But honestly and unfortunately it wasnt good, bit of a let down. Should have got the cinnamon roll, once I tried that nothing could compare. This is the first coffee shop in Norfolk, and still going strong, and I can see why. Any place that gives you a whopping 3 shots in a large is worth going to! Check it out beans!

Bean score…

Customer service 4/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Taste 3/5

Uniqueness 4/5

Price 3/5







Fair grounds
806 Baldwin Ave #2
Norfolk, VA

This place is conveniently located right by Norfolks McArthur Mall, they have such a great kids play place there! Heres our wild beans having some fun.







See ya next time!

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