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Pretentious bean

Borjo coffeehouse

Along our journey we run into a lot of things. Some coffee shops exceed our expections and come up with such unique drinks and fun atmospheres, we are constantly on our toes. Then, of course some places are a huge disappoint and you honestly wonder how they even stay in business. Most places fall somewhere in between. As was the case with Borjo.

Pretentious is the best word, sums up this place perfectly. The decor, the crowd, the staff. The place was fancy, which I do appreciate and enjoy, it seemed a little over the top for a coffeehouse and sometimes places are so fancy that you dont even feel welcome, esp with kids. But it was a cool, pretty, different atmosphere. Momma bean loves blown glass so the special glass lights earned extra points from me. think it would be great to study or for a date.

The staff was rude. Even made a stupid joke at our expense, totally embarrassed us. Everyone in there had a dirty look on their face. The drink selection sucked. What we got tasted bad. You can count on honest reviews from us, not everyplace is good. They did have a nice little area with books and a fireplace which was cool. They also had beer. What we did get was some cute pictures, so enjoy, after your bean score…

Customer service 1/5

Taste 1/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Price 3/5

Uniqueness 3/5











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