Bean Brigade!

Traveling the country, one sip at a time…

Super bean

Crossroads is a wonderful coffee shop, with two locations in Richmond. They have great coffee and yummy food. They have a lot of vegan friendly options. Their vegan chocolate chip cookies are to die for! Its a cool place inside, colorful, lots of seating and lots of board games to play. They have a big outdoor seating patio area as well.

It was here that I was introduced to something truly life changing for coffee lovers. Drum roll please…

“Thai coffee” Have ya’ll heard of this??? Its black coffee AND espresso with sweetened condensed milk. It is just the right blend of everything. Such a good and different flavor. Not to sweet, not to bitter. Very, very powerful. It is definetly one of my new favorites!

Baby beans were asleep in the car, so momma bean just ran in for a drink and a few pictures.







It was clearly very popular because it was crowded and they have two locations in Richmond.

We went to the 26 N. Morris street location by the way.

Bean score…

Atmosphere 3/5

Taste 5/5

Customer service 4/5

Uniqueness 3/5

Price 3/5


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