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Jo jacked up prices

Jo Jacks Espresso bar
5700 Churchland Blvd
Portsmouth, VA

Today was an adventure for sure. We decided to go somewhere momma and baby beans have never even been before. Portsmouth! We really enjoyed it there!!

Our first stop was coffee, of course. The thing is, for the first time in history momma and poppa bean have completely different opinions. So different, that were going to have to right seperate reviews. Starting with momma bean. Momma bean really really likes Jo jacks. I thought it was unique. They had a very delicious drink selection, a real good variety of coffee drinks. I had a real hard time choosing between the cookie dough frap and the Irishman which had vanilla, caramel, and irish cream. The irish cream drink ultimately won, as it usually does with me. It was extremely good. They had a pretty good food menu. Momma bean had the chicken caesar which is just like the usual salad but in a wrap, it even had the croutons, so good! The place was a little small for my taste, but i really liked the private backroom where we sat, perfect for the kids. The best part for momma and baby beans was that they had baskets of toys to play with. We picked a basket, brought it to the table, and the kids were happy while we enjoyed our drinks. Going above and beyond for the kids like that will always win points with me. This is a great place your whole family can enjoy. Although I must warn you, its pricey. If your in a hurry they even have a drive thru. Momma beans scores are as follows…

Customer service 2/5

Uniqueness 4/5

Atmosphere 4/5

Taste 4/5

Price 1/5




And as for grumpy ol poppa bean, this place rubbed him the wrong way all around. He didnt like how small and crowded it was. He didnt think there was anything special or unique about it. He couldn’t find anything on the menu he would eat. He thought the staff was rude. What really got to him was the prices. Momma beans drink was almost 6 dollars for a small frap with only one shot of espresso. Thats just not right. He compared it to a run down diner without any good diner food. Anyone that knows poppa bean knows hes not one to hold back. Haha! Beware, poppa beans scores…

Customer service 1/5

Taste 2/5

Atmosphere 1/5

Uniqueness 1/5

Price 1/5







See ya tomorrow our beloved beaners…thats what poppa bean wants to call you, is that okay? 🙂


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