Bean Brigade!

Traveling the country, one sip at a time…

Coffee for a cause

Sorry beans, we havent been posting due to momma beans health. Momma bean is suffering from heat exsaustion and dehydration and that means, NO COFFEE!!!! Gasp!!! It truly is as dreadful as it sounds. But, shes on the mend. Thank you so much loyal and faithful followers. Also welcome new followers, fellow bloggers who have subscribed to our blog lately. We look foward to catching up and getting to know your stories and families through your blogs as well.

Today we ventured out for the first time, and we stayed close to home. We went to a great little place in Williamsburg called, “The Coffeehouse.”

5251-6 John Tyler Highway
Williamsburg, VA

We happen to know a little backround on this place through things weve heard and seen through the community. We know its a family run business, which is so valueable these days. The family is kind hearted, they do and give a lot to the local church, this is a great place who cares about giving back.

So, what about the coffee??

Well, I must say, momma bean has had hundreds of iced mochas in many different states and this one is absolutely the best! They roast their own beans, in store, which we always love! They sell a yummy variety of fresh blends. They also have a nice food menu. All in all, its a wonderful place, a hidden treasure you should check out next time your in the area. Dont forget to tell them bean brigade sent ya. Until next time, enjoy your sip, wherever you sip. Onto the bean score…

Taste 5/5

Customer service 4/5

Uniqueness 2/5

Price 4/5

Atmosphere 2/5








I wouldn’t leave ya without your baby bean fix…although it was raining, bean 1 was asleep in the car, so only momma and bean 2 ran in quickly so, no coffeeshop pictures but heres some randoms…


Bean 2 is just as obsessed with coffee cups as his momma!


Babies first popsicle!


Bean 2 lookin cool, has to be wearing camo 24/7! He even sleeps in camo. Hopefully its a phase that soon passes. đŸ™‚

See ya tomorrow!!!


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