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Colonial coffee

Aromas Cafe
431 Prince George St
Williamsburg, VA

Hey Guys, if you live in, or plan to visit the Colonial Capital which is Williamsburg we have the place for you! It’s definetly one of our hometown favorites and managed by our good friend Angela ( By now we hope you know you can trust us when we say it’s good coffee! They offer a full bakery and cafe menu with really off the wall items like our favorite Mac n’ cheese with bacon, cherry tomatoes, chives, and bbq chicken on top. They have a drink of the week which momma bean tries every single time we go and has yet to be let down. They also offer spiked smoothies and a spiked Irish coffee! Right in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg it’s packed full of tourist, locals, and William and Mary college students that flock there to get their hands on some good coffee! A major downfall in our opinion is that it is very expensive. They even charge almost a dollar extra for soy milk, ouch. It’s always slammed full with a good social atmosphere. Maybe, a place to meet Misses or Mr. right. Weekends usually include a local musician or poet. The walls are covered in art by the locals. Its kid friendly with very special food and desserts including smores and every kids favorite, goldfish. It is also dog friendly with a beautiful back patio area where pets are welcome to hang out with you while you enjoy your coffee. Come stop by and be sure to sip it on a stroll down Duke of Glouster st. where you’ll see men wearing funny hats, plenty of friendly puppies, and even a little shopping!

On to the score than shall we (colonial slang for ya)

Atmosphere 4/5

Uniqueness 3/5

Customer service 3/5

Taste 4/5

Price 1/5

Enjoy a few pictures of the coffee shop and Colonial Williamsburg…










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