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Gelato bean

Mmm…splendora!!!! Gelato and coffee all in one. Gelato is one of Gods greatest gifts. Many of the people ive met arent familiar with gelato which is such a shame. I have a hard time explaining it. I would say it is much more creamy, decadant, rich then ice c ream. But, this isnt a gelato blog afterall.

We came across this place because it was bright yellow and the big espresso sign drew us in. We loved how it was set up and decorated, it was quite unique. The seating was fun and quirky looking. Nice colors. I would say its kid friendly because they have a great little kid sized table by the window and of course kids enjoy gelato. The staff was very friendly and patient with my rowdy baby beans. Momma and poppa bean had afagattos. A big scoop of gelato, drenched in espresso. It was truly magical. Before we get to the score, I want to let our faithful followers know we love you, we appreciate you, and you will be happy to know we are soon adding many new states to our site, so keep checking back.

317 E. Main Street
Charlottesville, VA

Bean score…

Atmosphere 4/5

Taste 5/5

Price 3/5

Uniqueness 4/5

Customer service 4/5






This was a much appreciated change of pace after camp coffee which is just instant coffee. Although poppa bean did find this to spoil us with…


Heres some camping pictures to leave ya with…







See ya tomorrow bean enthusiasts!


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