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Momma bean

Im totally in love with Charlottesville! This is momma bean speaking of course, poppa bean on the other hand, takes me to big cities on special occasions but is perfectly happy in the middle of nowhere with his closest neighbor being a bear. Something we both love, obviously is adventure and finding new coffeeshops. Everytime we go to Charlottesville we seem to find at least one new cafe. This time it was Cafe Cubano.

112 Main Street
Charlottesville, VA

They had a very impressive food menu and drink list. The breakfast was delicious. The coffee creations were unique, tasty, and there were plenty of them! The place was spacious, lots of seating indoor and out. I got a picture of a small part of the menu, wish i would have gotten more. Poppa bean had the nutty irishman which was hazelnut and irish cream. He is still raving about it. Momma bean had the carmello, it was as it sounds,  mocha and carmel, delicious! We really enjoyed this place and will definitely be back. It comes highly recommend by these beans.


Customer service 3/5

Taste 4/5

Price 3/5

Uniqueness 4/4

Atmosphere 4/5

I want to say happy mothers day again! Check out Cafe Cubanos awesome moms drink…





My boys made me this for mothers day, although not coffee related i had to share…


I hope you all had as nice a day as I had! Thanks a lot for following us, cheers from our beans to yours.



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