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Yuppie bean

Mudhouse coffee. Ill keep this short and sweet, well short and honest i should say. Bunch of snobs. No body friendly. Coffee cups are tiny. Nice outdoor seating area. Atmosphere is very unique. Cool dark colors. Super crowded. Locals only feel. Not family friendly. Dont even have chocolate milk.

BUT… momma bean says mudhouse is the home of the best coffee drink shes has ever had. The monkey. Banana, coconut, chocolate, espresso, blended up, topped with whip cream. To die for! Everyone must try.

213 W. Main Street
Charlottesville, VA


Bean score…

Atmosphere 3/5

Taste 5/5

Uniqueness 4/5

Price 2/5

Customer service 2/5




Im in love with Charlottesville so of course thats where i choose to spend my mothers day! (We celebrated today since tomorrow we will be spending the day with poppa beans mom and grandmas.)






HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!! Cherish your children, enjoy your day. 🙂


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