Bean Brigade!

Traveling the country, one sip at a time…

Navy bean

Norfolk is known for two things…

An impressive navy base…


And, Bean There Cafe!






So today we spent the first half of our day enjoying the Norfolk zoo and the second half driving around in circles in search of this coffee shop i spotted out of the corner of my eye one day.  Eventually we found it and it was well worth the wait. The staff was friendly and helpful. The drinks were top notch and the atmosphere is one of the best we have ever seen. Poppa bean had the snickerdoodle, momma bean had the kaluah and cream and the baby beans fought over chocolate milk. It was so comfy cozy we could have sat in there all day, but due to a lack of spare change the parking meter only allowed us 18 minutes. If you are looking for some place bright, comfortable, delicious, and totally different then look no further. This ships a sailin…onto the scores!

Atmosphere 5/5

Uniqueness 5/5

Taste 5/5

Customer service 4/5

Price 3/5

Bean There Cafe

223 E. City Hall Ave #101

Norfolk, Va 23510


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